Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Shelley Marshell Presents: The Full Bawdy Comedy Show!

Hey There Pearls!

Live at The Pearl Company on Saturday April 26 is the Full Bawdy Comedy Show. This show is amazing, enough said! After having so many successful past shows with this group we cannot wait for them to come back to grace the stage once again. Here is just a bit about this show.

Shelley Marshall, world-renowned Comedienne and winner of Hamilton`s 2013 Best Local Theater Production View Magazine for her One Woman Show " Hold Mommy's Cigarette", brings another production of the edgy and irreverent THE FULL BAWDY COMEDY SHOW back to The Pearl Company. TFBCS is an ALWAYS SOLD OUT vaudevillian variety show that celebrates the diversity of comedy through Music, Burlesque, Stand-up, Circus and more! Featuring original material from the funniest and raciest Stars this country (and beyond) has to offer. The show has featured some of the creamiest of the Canadian Funny crop such as: Nikki Payne and Debra Digiovanni both Canadian Comedy Award and Gemini Winners; Canadian Comedy Award Winner's: Sandra Battaglini and Christele Bartalese; Fringe Festival winners: Ginger St James and Robin Benedict; Juno Award Winner Lori Yates and many more! Come with an open mind, an you'll leave with a Full Heart!

The line up for the upcoming show (April 26) is as follows:
Shelley Marshall,
Hosting: Erin and Nara
Musical Guest: Ginger St James
Brulesque: "The Lady Josephine from Montreal"
Stand-up: Lianne Mauladin ( Appeared recently on The View!)
Special Guest: Phil Luzi

Tickets are being sold for $25 or $20 for groups of six or more! This show contains ADULT CONTENT!! You can e-mail the Pearl Company to hold a ticket (Cash Only! Pay at the door) or buy your ticket online. The show will be starting at 8:00 pm with doors opening at 7:00 pm. Get your tickets now so that you don't miss out!

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