Friday, 16 May 2014

The Pearl Company Presents: Learie McNicolls: Resurrection

Hey there Pearls!

Coming up Live at the Pearl Company on May 22- 24 is Learie McNicolls! Learie has a jam packed show for us, and he's been working up a storm with practicing. This show has been Written, Directed, Chorepgraphed and performed by : Learie McNicolls.  It's sure to be a great show! Here is a bit about who Learie and his show!

Classical Dancer Learie Mcnicolls performs his magnum opus about Redemption and the resurrection of one's Soul. The evidence is in the body. That body never forgets. God bless. "For 40 years I walked in anger, slept in anger, spoke in anger, danced in anger and no one noticed..... not even me. we speak if the roots of a Culture.... a Tradition...... Source of a river. This then is my Source. Where Anger hibernated for crazed Decades and caused untold grief and suffering. So I beat myself up. This Dancer became internalized like a crazed Demon and pummeled me like a boxer, who I recognized as The Trickster in us all. The Voices in my head deserve a  response. I answer back. They are silent." 

This show is being Co- Directed by Gary Santucci , and the Original Score is by Learie McNicolls. These shows start at 8 pm and the doors open at 7:30pm so make sure your here early to get a great seat! Tickets will be sold for $20 and on the 22 it will be PWYC.

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